Wednesday, 25 January 2012

sweet freedom

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H&M coat, vintage scarf, Cambridge satchel
Wore this for my last exam today and I have a few days of freedom before uni starts up again. I've been looking for a scarf like this for ages and I finally found one in pop boutique a few weeks ago on an unexpected few hours with the boys. All I want to do now is curl up and watch boardwalk empire again, blue valentine and read to my hearts content.


  1. LOVE this outfit! I have the blue cambridge satchel! Fabulous!! xxx

  2. I want a cambridge satchel far too much, think you have just convinced me to get one!! I love the print and colours on the scarf too. Pop boutique is one of my fave vintage shops - so reasonable! Do they have one in Liverpool? xx

    1. It is a lovely bag i'll admit. Yeah they have two now, I love to go in even if I don't buy anything x

  3. Love your bag!!

    Kisses Anne!!

  4. Your satchel is lovely! I've been thinking of getting a red one as I usually play it safe with brown. Your scarf is also awesome!

  5. Wow, want that satchel! yum

    And Boardwalk Empire - yes!


  6. love the bag , it make the whole outfit xoxo