Sunday, 4 September 2011

hair envy

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Long hair envy.
Even though my hair is quite long already, I'm daydreaming of the time when I have long layers. MK circa '07 (?), when she had really long, tousled hair is the main source if inspiration right now. I just need to sit back and wait patiently for my hair to grow!
I also flicker between wanting long hair and chopping it off into a shorter, blunt cut. Hannah-Rose has the same thought. But I've grown my hair for too long for me to cut it all off just yet.


  1. Love Mary Kate's hair! I grew my hair long a couple of months back and then got it cut into a bob so regretted it ! Don't cut yours anytime soon long hair is great!


  2. I love MK's hair it's so messy and cool. The long layers are amazing. Your hair is also at a pretty lovely length so I say keep it!

  3. god i still love the olsens! i would kill for super long hair again but mine gets to a point where its in such bad condition it has to get the chop :( x